About KMF

The Katie Memorial Foundation [KMF] was founded to continue Katie’s spirit of enacting change in the world. Her life centered around lifting up the people around her, whether it be through her work stateside at the Greater Chicago Food Depository or abroad in Bangladesh and Romania, among others. Because of this, KMF strives to do everything it in its power to further the field of public health. As the mission states, “KMF advances excellence in the international field of public health by supporting innovative, pioneering, grassroots-level projects undertaken by students.” How could Katie not put her seal of approval on this?

The organization began the Katie Evans Memorial Scholarship, aimed at providing financial support to graduate students pursuing international public health initiatives. Since 2008, KMF has awarded seven of these scholarships to deserving individuals that have conducted projects all over the globe [Jamaica, the Federated States of Micronesia, Thailand, Uganda, Timor-Leste, Morocco, and Mozambique, to be exact]. The scholarship recipients have done amazing work in these countries, and KMF is proud to have been able to support their endeavors.

KMF has also begun to offer smaller Leadership Grants to undergraduate and graduate students for furthering their education, attending public health conferences, or conducting individual public health projects. Five of these awards have been given in 2011, and the organization expects for this program to continue to grow.


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