Week Eight of Cutting Back: Almost There

The last week and a half has been alright in terms of the smoking. I went to New York for five days, which meant that I had cigarettes on me all the time. I bought two packs before the trip, hoping that they would last me, and they really almost did. I made it until Monday afternoon and broke down to buy a pack. That purchase was a harsh punishment for not doing a good job at regulating myself, with a fine of $12.50 for Camel Lights in the city.

When I got back, I have found it difficult to get back into any sort of routine. It’s been a little bit of a challenge. I have still held up the no-smoking-at-work, but I had my first breakdown while in Whitewater. On Wednesday, I had a meeting in Wauwatosa after work, which meant that I would have gone a really long time without a cigarette. It was sort of a shitty day there, and I found myself at the gas station buying a pack and a lighter. While the event itself is negative, there’s a positive. The last attempt at quitting lasted only about two weeks before the same thing happened. I was able to keep it up for almost two months this time. See? That’s progress.

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