Race to the Quit Date

Well, kids. It’s almost 1 November. That means that *this guy* is about to go cold turkey in TWO days. I’ve got some strategies to hopefully distract me from the reality that is withdrawal, which, up until now, hasn’t been all that bad. Unfortunately, the reason that it hasn’t been that bad is that I’ve just told myself that it’s just a few hours until the next cigarette. That little crutch is about to go away.

However, one thing that I have been reminding myself: this isn’t just about me. I have received donations a number of people and raised almost $600 to go towards the Katie Memorial Foundation [muchas gracias to those have donated!]. I have many more people behind me that have offered their support in kicking this. The well wishes that I’ve gotten have meant the world to me. Those heartfelt donations and words of encouragement and will replace the promise of nicotine at the end of the day.

You’ll also notice that I have a goal of raising $750. That amount of money would fund at least one and a half KMF Leadership Grants or one-fourth of a Katie Evans Memorial Scholarship award. If you have considered contributing to my cause, remember that you’re also providing support for an amazing organization.

Help me meet my fundraising goal AND quit smoking. We’ll both feel better that you did.

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