Week Four of Cutting Back

Well, I went over the half-pack threshold once again… and that’s right – it involved drinking. I went out Saturday night for a friend’s birthday, only bringing a few cigarettes. Yet, the one cigarette that I bummed off someone at the bar put me over. I’m seriously considering not drinking for the first part of the no-smoking lifestyle of mine.

The last week of cigarettes at work came to a close without too much fanfare. I survived the hectic schedule of running around and taking walks without having a cigarette. I even managed to carry them on me and not grab them from my bag as I went on my adventures around campus. However, I will also admit that I couldn’t wait until lunch for my designated smoke break.

The weekends have proven to be a little more of a challenge. The pack just sits on the ledge, and I find myself falling back into the habit of going outside every couple of hours [or more frequently]. I’m working on coming up with strategies to trick myself into forgetting, with only moderate success. It’ll be even more fun when I’m not smoking at work at all. There just might be some angry posts in the not-too-distant future.

All in all, it’s a process, and while I struggle on a daily basis with highs and lows, I feel confident that I can do this.

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