Week Two of Cutting Back

I made it through a full week of work without a full pack of cigarettes to bail me out when the going got stressful this week. I still had my two ‘safety’ smokes at lunch, which I will admit came in handy. Monday through Wednesday were ‘typical’ days in the library, mostly spent running around campus for classes and meetings. But unlike last week where my lunch hours were pretty much from noon to 1PM, this week it was thrown off. Take Wednesday for example. I had meetings until 2PM – that meant that I had to wait seven hours between cigarettes to get my fix… and I survived.

Thursday was an atypical day because we had the president of my professional association visiting, and I left home at 630AM and returned at 10PM. I took a few with me for the ride, and smoked those at the meals. My daily total for the day was the same as if I had gone to work.

I had yesterday off, and that meant being around the house with the pack of Camels staring at me. While I wasn’t able to practice the same amount of willpower, I still managed to keep it to under ten [that’s pretty good for me].

Since beginning to cut back on 8 September, I haven’t smoked more than ten cigarettes in a day. That’s progress.

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