Week One of Cutting Back

Because I took a surprise trip to New Mexico, my original timeline of cutting back starting on 1 September was thrown off. While it’s a few days off, I’m back on schedule. When I left for work Wednesday morning [my first day back], I didn’t take the entire pack with me – I only took two cigarettes with me. I left those two bad boys in my car, along with my lighter, and smoked them during my lunch break. That means that I went at least five hours without a cigarette… and the world didn’t end. I’ll admit that the yesterday morning was a little rough, with the fun of dealing with being gone and the frantic beginning of the semester. However, I survived! I did the same thing today and will do the same tomorrow.

The real trick is going to be making sure that I don’t eat all of the granola bars and Goldfish that I have in my office in one day. You don’t realize how much of an appetite suppressant nicotine is until you don’t have it. Oy!

I’ll keep you updated on the progress. So far, so good.

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One Response to Week One of Cutting Back

  1. Awesome couple of posts, and progress on the quitting front!

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