Operation: Quitting for Katie

Smoking is a big pain in the ass. I wake up with chest pains… don’t feel alive until I light up the first cigarette… start shaking when it’s been more than a few hours without nicotine… constantly smell like an ashtray.

At the same time, I just can’t quit it… craving the feeling of calm that it brings… the perfect pairing of coffee and a cigarette… enjoying a drag after a long day at work… the people that have come into my life because of the social aspect.

It’s time to make a major change in my life. It’s time to quit smoking. I can’t do it alone – I’ve already proved that. I need your help. I want to turn my poor choice of smoking into a positive. I’m looking to raise money to not only serve as my motivator to kick the habit, but to also benefit the Katie Memorial Foundation, an organization with which I have a personal connection.

I intend to use the blog as a way to share my little successes, vent my possible frustrations and give you some insight into what’s it like. It’s going to be a process and one that I know that I can do… with a little help from my friends.

Alright, here goes nothing. Wish me luck. Or better yet, throw me some change.

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4 Responses to Operation: Quitting for Katie

  1. Lo says:

    I’m inspired. I’m unemployed and living off my mother, but I’ll keep following, and whenever I get back on my feet, I’ll be there with monetary support. In the meantime, I’ll support you with the best emotional and mental gifts I can offer.

    Best of luck in your journey.

  2. Cait Evans says:

    Go Kyle go!!! This is fantastic and you’re incredible!

  3. Emma says:

    Ahhhh yay! This is so cool. I will be checking regularly 🙂

  4. kyle says:

    thanks for the support, everyone! i’m sure it’ll be a fun journey!

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